In an in-depth initial interview, your doctor will take your medical history and determine your individual risk factors; on the basis of this information, we will determine which kinds of examinations are required and identify the parameters to be evaluated. The next step is the taking of blood samples to test your key laboratory values.

The following laboratory values can be tested:

  • Hematological parameters
  • Organ parameters
  • Metabolic parameters
  • Risk and tumor markers
  • Inflammation parameters
  • Urinalysis / stool test.

If necessary, the blood test is supplemented with an analysis of various vitamin levels or with a special hormone test.

A Comprehensive Glance into the Human Body

The blood test is followed by an extensive internistic and cardiological examination, including an examination of the heart, the internal organs, and the blood vessels using ultrasonic diagnostics. The standard features of our examination program are rounded off by a radiation-free whole-body MRI scan including special sequences for the early detection of inflammation and tumors.

Additionally, your pulmonary function, body composition, and bone density can be tested. Your individual physical performance capacity will be tested with an exercise ECG in order to detect potential cardiac arrhythmia and other heart conditions. Some examinations will not be carried out directly at our radiological practice but at one of our partner practices. As a matter of course, we will arrange your transport there and back.

Once all examinations have been finished, all the results of the radiological and internistic examinations as well as the possible next steps are discussed with you in detail.