The extraordinary concept of our practice is not only based on state-of-the-art technology, but above all on our mission to always focus on our patients’ good health and well-being.  In a relaxed atmosphere, our team of medical specialists will take plenty of time to provide individual care. Our patients' well-being and individual patient care always take center stage.

Our open high-field MRI, a diagnostic appliance of the latest generation, allows for a comprehensive and radiation-free glance into the human body. Examinations in our open magnetic resonance imaging system are a particularly gentle imaging method. In particular, patients who suffer from claustrophobia, inner unrest or restricted mobility can benefit from this open scanning method.  While conventional MRI scanning involves the patient being scanned in the narrow tunnel of the MRI machine, our open MRI system is open on all sides, giving you a 360-degree view. The unobstructed view it offers, as well as its particularly large space for the patient to lie on ensures maximum comfort and a stress-free, pleasant examination.